What is Butter Icing?

Butter Icing is a mixture of pasteurized butter and icing sugar. Its consistency is adjusted by varying the amount of icing sugar in proportion to the amount of butter.

What is Butter Cream?

Butter Cream is a mixture of "Krimwell" (Palm Oil Shortenning), Glycerin, Meringue Powder, Icing Sugar and Flavouring.

What is fondant?

Fondant is made with gum paste, glucose, glycerin, white shortenning and icing sugar, and is ideal for draping onto cakes to give it that smooth porcelain matte finish that is most often seen on wedding cakes.

How long can the cakes keep?

Butter cakes can be kept outside the refrigerator for up to a maximum of 4 days, whereas fruit cakes which have been cured and matured in alcohol can keep up to 2 weeks outside the refrigerator.

Can cakes covered in Butter Icing or Fondant be kept outside the fridge?

Yes as long the cakes are kept in a cool place.

What is Sujee?

The other term for Sujee is Semolina, and it is coarsely ground durum wheat, a highly glutinous (hard) wheat.


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